How to Apply For Walmart Credit Card – Get $200 Instant Credit

I am a regular customer of Walmart, and I want to apply for Walmart Credit Card. How can I apply for it? This is the question which is frequently asked by Walmart customers, especially by newbies. So we are here to provide you with the answer to this question.

As we all know that Walmart is the world leader when it comes to the retail industry. Day by day Walmart is expanding its legs in different countries. So holding a high reputation Walmart always try to please its customers. Walmart always values its customer and makes sure their convenience as well. So for its regular customers, Walmart offers two main Credit Cards. Walmart MasterCard and Walmart Credit Card.

However, the process to apply for both the cards of Walmart is the same but here in this particular article we are going to provide you with the answer to your question ‘how to apply for Walmart Credit Card?’.

There are several ways to apply for Walmart Credit Card and we are going to discuss step by step about them. Let’s focus on them and follow them to get your own Walmart Credit card. So here we go….

Apply For Walmart Credit Card at Walmart Stores or Walmart Jewelry Kiosk

This is the most convenient way to apply for your Walmart Credit Card if you like to do it in person. To do so you just have to follow these instructions:

  • Visit any Walmart store or Walmart jewelry kiosk near you.
  • Go to the counter representative.
  • Ask them for the application form to apply for Walmart Credit Card.
  • Make sure you have a government-issued
  • After filling the application submit it back to the counter.
  • After all verification of your details, the representative will tell you that your application is accepted or not.
  • If it is accepted then you will get your Walmart Credit in next 7-10 working days to your mail address by Walmart after the approval of your application.
how to apply for walmart credit card

How to Apply For Walmart Credit Card Online

This is the most convenient way to apply for your Walmart Credit Card Online. Just go to the Walmart Capital One Credit Card website and apply for your application by signing up there. This process is quite long since it includes three steps itself such as SIGN-UP, SIGN-IN, and APPLY. So to know how to apply online for Walmart Credit Card and what do you need to apply for Walmart credit card, follow these three processes step by step.

If you don’t know how to apply for Walmart credit card with bad credit then, there is no alternative ways to get instant approval with bad credit. Your credit score must above 650, for credit card instant approval. Further, you can check our other guide.

Visit Walmart Capital One Credit Card Website to Setup Account

This process is also known as the SIGN-UP process. This is the most initial step for applying to your Walmart Credit Card online. Signing into the official website of Walmart Capital One ( helps you to have an official account in the Walmart world and this is the procedure to follow to sign up in

  • At very first, visit the official website of the Walmart Capital One (
  • Now click on the sign-up link show on the top of the right hand of theweb page and choose ‘Setup my Account’.
  • This will lead you to a form, fill this form to have an official Walmart online account then submit it. Now you have an online Walmart account.
  • Now you will be provided with a User ID and a Password by Walmart for your further transactions on the official website of Walmart.

Login to Your Walmart Capital One Credit Card Account

Now you have successfully created your Walmart Capital One account by setting up. So now you need to sign in to it. Here are the instructions for login to your Walmart Online Account. Check the then out.

  • Go to the home page of the Walmart Capital One website by following (
  • Now you will see a link ‘sign in’ on the left side corner of the website.
  • Hit the Sign in button then, continue.
  • Now fill your User ID and Password provided to you at the time of setting up account.
  • Now fill both the information, this will lead you to your official account on Walmart directly and you can apply for your Walmart Credit Card there.

Apply For Your Walmart Credit Card

After completing both the sign-up and log-in steps, now you are ready to apply for Capital One Walmart Credit Card. You now just have to select the card option which you want to apply for. Let’s know the process to apply for Walmart Credit Card because you are going to apply for the same. So take a look.

  • After log-in into your account successfully, you will see a sidebar on your left hand.
  • On that sidebar, you will see an option ‘Apply for Walmart Credit Card‘.
  • Click this option then this will redirect you to an application form screen.
  • Read and fill the complete application form carefully by providing all the necessary information such as name, phone number, email address, city, state etc.
  • After filling all the details click the continue.
  • Now you have successfully applied for your Walmart Credit Card.
  • Now your Walmart Credit Card will be sent to you in the mail within 7-10 office days after approval of your application.

How to Apply For Walmart Credit Card by Phone

You can also use this method to apply for your Walmart Credit Card. It’s also a simple procedure. For this, you just have to make a call to the Walmart customer service team on the give below number and follow the procedure as the computer directs you.

You can also talk to the Walmart customer service executive on the phone call regarding your Walmart Credit Card application.

The phone number to call on for applying to your Walmart Credit Card – 1 – 877 – 294 – 7880.

Monitor Your Walmart Credit Card Application Status

By making a call on 1 – 877 – 969 – 3668 you can monitor your forum status anytime whenever you want until you forum is approved, but if your application has been approving and your Walmart Credit Card is still not received by you after 7-10 office day of application approval. Then in this condition, you need to check your application status by contacting Walmart.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Walmart Credit Card

Customers can benefit from the Walmart Store Credit Card and Walmart Master Card. The benefits encompasses.

Credit Score Range650 – 850
Credit Card Limit200$ Minimum
Annual Fee0$

Cashback Programs

  • Customers who use the Walmart Store Credit Card or the Walmart Master Card are automatically enrolled in the Walmart rewards program. The 3-2-1 save cashback program gives you money back on your everyday purchases.
  • On purchases made at, you’ll get 3% cash back. The promotion is also valid for items purchased through the mobile app.
  • Fuel purchases made at Walmart and Murphy USA petrol stations earn you 2% cash back. The promotion excludes fuel purchases made at Murphy Express.
  • On all other purchases, you’ll get 1% cash back. This covers Walmart physical stores, Neighborhood Markets, and Sam’s Club purchases. The cashback offer is valid everywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Shoppers receive these benefits in the form of monthly statement credits. There are no limits to the number of awards that consumers can earn each month. As far as your account is in great condition, your incentives will not expire.

Bonus for New Customers

A $25 sign-up incentive is available both on the Walmart Store Credit Card and the Walmart Master Card. If customers spend $75 at Walmart, they will receive a statement credit. It should be completed within the first 24 hours of the account being opened.

There is no annual fee

On any credit card, there is no annual fee.


  • Even customers with a bad credit score will be able to qualify for the Walmart credit card and apply. Customers with a credit score of 550 or higher are likewise approved quickly.
  • You’ll need a credit score of at least 650 to apply for the Walmart Master Card. This is a decent credit score for a MasterCard application.

Special Financing Offers in-Store

Shoppers who make major purchases might take advantage of special promo financing deals. Cardholders are offered an interest-free grace period to pay down their balance. The length of the loan will be determined by the amount of the purchase.

How to Pay Walmart Credit Card Bill Payment?

The following methods can be used to pay for the Walmart credit card:

  • Online
  • By Mobile or Mail
  • e-Payment
  • In Store Payment
  • Paying with CheckFree

By logging into your credit card account, you can verify your credit card balance. The consumer can seek an increase or decrease in their credit limit. The Walmart credit card is an excellent choice for last-minute purchasing.

Incase if you change your mind and want to cancel your Credit card, we have got your covered check our post on how to cancel Walmart Credit card.

How to get Walmart Credit Card Instant Approval?

Many new shoppers of Walmart apply for Walmart credit card at the stores and official website ( for the shopping, when they know about the huge benefits of Walmart credit cards. Walmart credit cards usually take some time for the approval because it is handled by the Synchrony bank and the bank take some time for the right decision.  But the majority of the new Walmart shoppers want to get Walmart credit card instant approval to enjoy the huge discounts.

Does Walmart Offer Walmart Credit Card Instant Approval?

By keeping in the mind, the officials of Walmart (world’s biggest retail company) have introduced new features for its new customers to avail the offers without Walmart credit card. For example, if you are a new shopper of Walmart and you have applied for the Walmart credit card, then you can still avail the offers and discounts at the Walmart store and official website within 24 hours.

When you will apply for the Walmart credit card at Walmart stores, the shopkeeper will ask you about the instant shopping and he will give you the Walmart slip. This is the fastest way to get the Walmart credit card instant approval. Actually, this is not a Walmart credit card instant approval but this is the instant shopping approval to avail the Walmart credit card offers and benefits.

The majority of the new Walmart shoppers don’t know about these features due to the lack of knowledge. We have written this guide for new Walmart shoppers so they can also enjoy the discounts and benefits of Walmart credit cards. Now, this is the big question for new shoppers how to apply for a Walmart credit card? Here is the complete step by step guide to applying for the Walmart credit card online.

If you don’t want to apply for the Walmart credit card online then you can find the Walmart near me location to apply for the Walmart cards at the store.

Can I Use The Walmart Credit Card Without The Card?

Walmart does not offer the Walmart Credit Card instant approval. But for the new shopper’s convenience, Walmart offers instant shopping along with Walmart credit card discus and benefits. We hope that this article will help you to make them understand.


  • Each way mentioned above can be convenient for different people. This varies person to person. We recommend you to follow the procedure that is more convenient for
  • Never share your online account details such as user id and password to any stranger to prevent any misuse of your account.
  • If you don’t receive your Walmart Credit card by mail within 7-10 working days then immediately contact the Walmart customer service team for further
  • By logging into your Walmart official account you may also avail many services like apply for Walmart MasterCard, reset password
  • If you are a regular customer of Walmart, online or at the store, we will recommend you to get your Walmart Credit Card to avail all kind of benefits and cash back from Walmart, online or at the stores.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What credit score is needed to qualify for a Walmart Credit Card?
600 or Higher

Applicants for the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card must have a Good credit. A credit score of 600 or above is typically required.

How to Apply For Walmart Credit card with bad credit?

You won’t be able to receive a Walmart credit card if you have bad credit since acceptance is based on fair credit. This means if your credit score is 640 or higher, you have the highest probability. That’s not to imply it’s impossible to receive a Walmart credit card with terrible credit.

Is it difficult to get a Walmart credit card?

Getting a Walmart Credit Card is not difficult. Walmart offers credit cards to those with good credit or better. Individuals with fair credit, defined as a credit score of 640 or more, are eligible for both cards. To obtain either card, you must be a United States resident and at least 18 years old.

Is it possible to get a Walmart credit application instant approval?

Please remember that instant approval for a Walmart credit card is never guaranteed. Whenever credit card candidates exceed rather than meet a card’s requirements, they are usually authorised right away. Synchrony Bank (the issuer) may need to take a closer look at your application in order to determine whether or not you qualify.

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