How to Apply For Walmart Credit Card With Bad Credit

If your credit score below 600 and still you want to apply for Walmart credit card with bad credit then, here is quick guide for you.

The benefits of a Walmart credit card can provide you with a variety of advantages. This is my detailed post that will help you get through Walmart credit card advantages.

Apply for Walmart Credit Card With Bad Credit

However, there are a few conditions that you must meet before you can apply for Walmart credit card with bad credit. If you fail to meet the requirements, then you will be subject to rejected for the Walmart credit cards. If you aren’t sure what to do for apply for a Walmart credit card, go through my previous post. If you are aware of how to apply for a Walmart credit card then study this guide.

Since in this article I’m going to inform you about Walmart credit card credit score that is not good. This is the biggest and primary reason that is the reason why people are rejected.

Why Walmart Credit Card Rejected?

This is probably the most frequently asked question that people will ask me. This is why I decided to write about. So let me guide you, people. There is a possibility that your poor credit could be the reason for the Walmart card being rejected.

There are a lot of cases I have encountered in the past few years because there are only a few credit restrictions that you have to adhere to. If you want to use to the Walmart credit card then you must be able to meet a minimum of 600 credit limit.

If you’re in compliance with the credit limit, then your are at risk of being rejected. Based on my personal experience are able to apply for the card with a at least 500 in balance.

In truth, I can’t declare about whether you can do to ensure that your Walmart credit card application will be approved or denied. Since there are only 20 percent chance of approval in this instance and I personally know of a handful of individuals who have received approval due to Walmart credit card for bad credit.

If you’re interested in knowing more about approval, go through my previous article about Walmart credit card approval.

Minimum Credit Score Required to Apply Walmart Credit Card

If you don’t know what is the minimum credit score required to apply Walmart credit card then, have a look into the below mentioned table. You will get approx idea about howmuch credit you will get as per your credit score.

Credit Score Range650 – 850
Credit Card Limit200$ Minimum
Annual Fee0$

If your credit card above 650 then, you are eligible to apply for Walmart credit card and get instant approval with $200 minimum limit as per Walmart terms and conditions.

In fact, I’ve already listed the most important need in the guide above. In addition, there’s no one-size-fits-all method to obtain the card required to you. But, you should be cautious when filling out an application. If you do not fill in fields that are required on the application form, that could be the reason behind disapproval of your card.

Make sure you have completed the required documents on the application form as well as in the other information boxes you can go without any stress.


Hope that I’ve included the major and crucial aspects of this article for you readers. If you are satisfied with this guide, Please share it with others be sure to leave your comments in the comment section.

If you are facing any issues while applying your Walmart credit card with bad credit card then, We recommend you to contact to the capital one customer support department for resolutions.

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