As we all know that Walmart is the largest retail chain company and number one in the ranking among other American retail companies. Walmart provides greater services and good quality products and brings “Everyday Low Price” to attract the customers. A survey shows that almost one – third of the total population visits to the Walmart every week.

So for maintaining the best quality of the service and for making customer service more convenient Walmart offers two types of Credit Cards. One is regular store card that is known as Walmart Credit Card and another is Walmart MasterCard. Both the credit cards are available to all and if you get one of them then you can avail many discounts and cash back by using it time to time.

Since their cards are very popular now a day so we did some research on their popularity aspects and we found that there are so many features of these cards even many of Walmart shoppers don’t know. So we collect all that detail and presenting to you.

All the users can access their credit card account online at website. You can able to login to access and manage your credit card account. Also you can check walmart credit card status and able to make payments online and check your card score.

So take a look at the top reasons that why Walmart shoppers love their Walmart Credit Cards?

How Can We Help You?

This is not the official website of It is just developed for the educational purpose. In this blog, we will provide complete step by step instructions on how to apply for Walmart Credit Card and use it. If you want to check your Walmart credit card status or gift card balance then, you can find the complete steps on this blog. For more information, you can directly contact to Walmart credit card customer service phone number for better help.

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Credit Card Discount or Cashback System

Walmart time to time provides a different kind of rewards and discounts on your Credit Card. These rewards are in the form of Cashback. Let’s know which kind of rewards you can avail with your Walmart Credit Card.

These are the three cashback available on Walmart Credit Cards. Walmart is calling them '3-2-1save program'.

  • 3% cash back on the purchase of online items from the official website of Walmart, This scheme also includes the items and grocery you order online but pick up at the stores.
  • 2% cash back on purchase the Walmart gas stations. This offer is also validated Murphy USA gas stations.
  • 1% cash back on all the other purchases. This also includes Brick and Mortar Walmart stores.

How to Pay Capital One Walmart Credit Card Bill Payment?

Bill Payment is also a key feature to make Walmart Credit Card so popular. Using your Walmart credit card the bill payment on Walmart stores become very easy. Here we are providing you five easy ways to pay your Walmart bills using your Walmart Credit Card. Please pay attention.


Pay Your Capital One Walmart Credit Card Bill Payment Online

To pay your Capital One Walmart Credit Card bill online you have to first login to your Walmart Capital One Credit Card account on the corporate website of Walmart ( If you have not created your Capital one Walmart credit card account yet then first create it and after login into it just select the bill pay option and simply pay all your Walmart bill in an easy manner.


Walmart Credit Card Bill Pay Phone Number

You can also pay your bill by phone. For that, you have to call to Walmart Customer Service. The Automated phone service to pay your bill is absolutely free. But if you need to talk to Walmart customer service executive to pay your bill, then it charges you $10 as service charge.

These are the phone numbers to pay your Walmart bill using your Walmart Credit Card:

  • For Capital One Walmart Credit Card: 1 – 877 – 294 – 7880
  • For Capital One Walmart MasterCard: 1 – 866 – 611 – 1148

Walmart Bill Pay in Store

This is one of the best ways to pay your Walmart bill. To do so just visit your nearby Walmart store and ask the counter representative at the Walmart store counter for help and then pay your bill there.

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  • As you saw in this article that these are the qualities and advantages, Walmart Credit Card deals with.
  • These are the actual reason that by the regular Walmart Consumers love Walmart Credit Card.
  • If you have not got your Walmart Credit Card issued yet, then we will recommend you to get issued it as quickly as you can. Because if you are a regular Walmart shopper then you can avail a different kind of advantages on the Walmart Credit Card.

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